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Lucky Three Ranch

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Those Magnificent Mules (3-DVD Set):

Bishop All-Stars & The Bishop Experience

This four-part documentary series captures all the action, fun and spirit of the one and only, wild and wooly Bishop Mule Days Celebration. Interviews with the show’s biggest stars and amazing footage of Mule Days past and present highlight rivalries and friendships among the competitors and offer a back-stage look at a truly world-class mule show!  Approximately 100 minutes including the Special Features.

Story of Lucky Three Ranch & Road to Bishop 

This four-part documentary explores Meredith Hodges’ journey from horse trainer to leading expert on mules and donkeys. Interviews and archival footage entertain and inform as they detail a path of discovery from Meredith’s introduction to mules to her ground-breaking work as trainer, breeder, competitor and advocate.  Approximately 108 minutes including the Special Features. 

Walk On: Exploring Therapeutic Riding

This two-part documentary offers a comprehensive look at the profound, life-changing benefits of Therapeutic Riding programs for adults and children with disabilities and special needs. These programs explore the special bond that develops between horses and mules and their challenged riders and how Hippotherapy is changing lives around the world for the better. Includes featured interview with William Shatner.  Approximately 53 minutes including the Special Features. 

Rock and Roll: Diary of a Rescue:

Rock and Roll: Diary of a Rescue documents the progress of victories and set-backs that the Belgian Draft Mule Team encountered after being rescued from slaughter, first by Fran and Larry Howe of the Bitteroot Mule Company, and finally by Meredith Hodges and the Lucky Three Ranch team of professionals. 

This is a poignant story of how Rock gallantly gave his all and how his teammate, Roll, slowly emerged from his shell and learned to trust us and—even more importantly—himself. Our regimen of compassion, respect, patience and physical therapy helped both mules to obtain their own personal miracle. Rock and Roll touched everyone’s soul by proving they were ready, willing and able to give everything they could, straight from their enormous hearts...a touching story you won’t want to miss!

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