Equine Management and Donkey Training

Equine Management and Donkey Training

Lucky Three Ranch

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This in-depth manual corresponds to the award-winning DVD series, Training Mules and Donkeys, discs #8 through #10.

With these tried-and-tested tools, and using Meredith’s rule of patience, kindness and understanding, you’ll learn the secrets to a well-rounded training program and bond with your mule, donkey or horse in a deep and meaningful way—the result will be a beautiful, well-mannered, well-trained equine! Also available in French, German and Spanish.

Subjects covered: the basics of housing, feed and nutrition, health care and grooming, the importance of extensive showmanship training and how to judge your equine’s strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn the differences in training donkeys from other equines during ground work and under saddle training.


  • Equipment Needed
  • Introduction to Mules and Donkeys
  • Housing Your Mule, Feed and Nutrition, Health and Routine Care, Bathing and Vacuuming
  • Body Clipping, Braiding, Advanced Showmanship
  • Differences Between the Donkey and the Mule, Imprinting for Foal and Adult
  • Tying and Leading, The Obstacle Course, Trailer Loading, Showmanship
  • Socialization, The Young Jack, Breeding, Special Problems
  • Basics in the Round Pen, Trotting, Mounting, Patterns and Obstacles
  • at the Walk and Trot, The Canter
  • Lateral Training, Lengthening the Stride, Jumping, Massage for Your Athlete

“This book is a valuable resource to every equine library, five stars!” – Cindy K. Roberts, Mules and More

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