MAY SALE! Jasper: Goes to Bishop (DVD) 50% Off!

MAY SALE! Jasper: Goes to Bishop (DVD) 50% Off!

Lucky Three Ranch

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“Confidence is believing in yourself, and knowing in your heart that you can do it!”

Animation and live action come together in one of the best movies of the year for kids and parents alike. When Jasper the Mule finds out about Bishop Mule Days—a fantastic chance for mules and people to compete, celebrate and have fun—he’s determined to go! But how will Jasper get to Bishop Mule Days? Find out what happens when Jasper meets Peepers the Champion Mule, Mini the Donkey and Ralph the Pack Mule. Will he discover what it takes to save the day?

There’s plenty of action, laughter and excitement in store for you and your little ones, as Jasper makes amazing new friends, learns important lessons and finds out that confidence and courage are the keys to a whole new world of adventure! Be there when Jasper Goes to Bishop!

Special Features Include:

  • Musical Tires – Jasper plays with his human and equine friends at Bishop Mule days in this wacky mule riding version of Musical Chairs!
  • Making Friends – Jasper behind the scenes making friends with some very interesting characters.
  • Bonus scene – Hilarious extended version of mysterious Truck Driver taking Jasper to Bishop Mule Days.

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