Jasper: The Story of a Mule (DVD)

Jasper: The Story of a Mule (DVD)

Lucky Three Ranch

$ 19.99

Jasper’s first film! Jasper the Mule and his animal and human friends on the ranch learn life’s lessons through a whimsical, yet reality-based storyline.

Includes the Jasper animated feature, special features, clips of other products by Meredith Hodges and more!

“As a mom, I love that each episode highlights the strong friendships between the characters while featuring important lessons about trust, perseverance, giving, and honesty.” –MyRuralMommy.com

“Jasper the Mule was a HUGE hit in my home! My girls are 3 and 1 1/2 now and just get a kick out of Jasper and his adventures. I have to admit that they are addiciting to watch for adults as well… 10 FINGERS UP because we loved it!” –RuralMamaSandbox.blogspot.com

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