Training Mules and Donkeys

Lucky Three Ranch

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This revised edition of the first official book on training your mule, which also makes a great resource for training donkeys as well as other equines. This publication gives a condensed, but thorough outline of the information and training covered in the DVD Training Series. Hardback with new color photographs, illustrations and diagrams.
268 pages.

“A well-illustrated and comprehensive book on the training of mules and donkeys by an exceptionally well-qualified author.” — Dr. Robert Miller, DVM

“I cannot recommend this book too highly, it is an excellent piece of work and every mule or donkey lover should have one.” — Lorraine Travis, British Mule Society

“A book that all mule and donkey trainers have been waiting for.” — Horse Action

“This book will enable you to get the most from your donkey or mule and yourself.” — Ned Ryder, Donkey Digest

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