TMD DVD #3 - Preparing for Performance: Driving

TMD DVD #3 - Preparing for Performance: Driving

Lucky Three Ranch

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Covers an overview of equipment and proper fit for the harness, verbal commands, carts and carriages, pre-hitch training with an assistant, hitching to a training vehicle, reinsmanship, pleasure and obstacle driving, and working with teams.

Each DVD includes:

  • 40-50 minutes of detailed instruction.
  • An electronic version (PDF file) of the corresponding Workbook, for viewing and printing from your computer.
  • Fun interviews and music montages.

Field Cards

Take our training with you on the go! Our specially designed field cards include the most vital information from each section of Training Mules and Donkeys in a clear, easy-to-read format, yet are small enough to carry with you in the field—when you need those tips the most. Digital Field Cards are available as an instant PDF digital download for at-home printing.

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